We all love that shiny, beautiful look of a salon blowout! But, when people try to use heat to style their hair at home, they often commit some major mistakes. That’s why I wanted to share some of my personal tips for how to create that salon quality look at home.  Please read, enjoy, and share:

1- Don’t Blow Dry Your Hair in Your Bathroom

The humidity and moisture in the bathroom will cause your hair to frizz or to go limp and flat. Style your hair in a well-ventilated room.

2- Don’t Over Dry Your Hair

Rough drying your hair with towel will open up your cuticles and as a result hair becomes frizzy and dull. Coarse hair doesn’t contain a lot of moisture and is naturally dry therefore it must be styled quickly after washing. Dampen hair through out blow-drying to smooth out the frizz.

3- Use The Right Products

No matter what kind of styling you are trying to achieve, use a heat protector first. A heat protector will leave a film around the hair shaft and protect it against heat styling.
If you are building volume with your blowout we recommend a root boost and styling mousse from Moroccan Oil or Full Again from Kevin Murphy.
If you have coarse hair use Young Again oil from Kevin Murphy or smoothing oil from Moroccan Oil to create smooth finish.

4- Choose the Right Hair Dryer

Your hair dryer plays a major part of better styling. So invest in a good ionic dryer such as T3. Ionic dryers help the cuticles to close and smooth out frizzy hair.

5- Dry the Roots First

Start blow-drying the roots first, pushing it upward with a flat brush to build volume. Flipping hair upside down is an alternative way to dry roots.

6- Work With Sections

Divide the hair into 2-inch sections, dry each section using a round brush with maximum tension between the brush and your hair. The blow dryer must follow the brush from roots to ends in a downward direction.

7- Pin up the hair for long lasting results

Have you ever wondered why there is a cool button in hair dryers? A shot of cool air after styling each section will lock the shape and make the hair smooth and shinny. It takes hair 20 minutes to cool down after any type of heat styling. For longer lasting blowouts, use rollers or pins to roll each section up. The result will be a voluminous bouncy blowout that lasts for days!