What’s all the buzz about Brazilian Blowouts!! Only the most revolutionary treatment in the beauty industry! So what’s so great about this Brazilian Blowout?
Brazilian Blowout improves the condition of your hair by creating a protective layer around your hair shaft making it healthier, shinier and frizz free.

The major difference between Brazilian blowout (keratin) and the conventional straighteners is the damage control. Conventional straightening damages the hair, leaving it brittle and lifeless. Brazilian Blowout protects, conditions leaving hair healthier and shinier.

Customize your results. Keep your curls but get rid of the frizz, or just relax your curls as much as possible. The results also vary depending on the hair texture and amount of curl existing in the hair. In general if you have very curly hair your hair becomes softer curls, curly hair becomes wavy hair and wavy hair results are straight.

Brazilian blowout is the fastest and safest process keratin treatment in the market. This process is done under 90 minutes and you may wash your hair the same day. Other keratin treatments must be in your hair for 3 days and takes 1 hour more on processing time on average.

As a curly hair gal that struggled with frizz and unmanageable curl all my life, I can detest that I feel freedom from my curly hair drama. I can still wear my hair curly but have the freedom to straighten it in half the time.