Balayage and ombre are the hottest color trends and the most requested salon service in recent years. A trend that was only worn by celebrities and runway models has gained massive popularity in general public now. Stylish and fashionable, balayage or ombre often confuses clients because of their similarities. Almost every client who has considered the trend has asked me this question, what is the difference between balayage and ombre? So let’s clarify that for everyone once and for all.

What is Balayage?
Balayage is a French word, meaning, “paint.” It is a form of free-hand painting hair coloring technique first developed in the 70’s.

Balayage is essentially highlighting blended to the roots, creating a sun-kissed and natural look. Balayage is hand-painted to the surface of the hair of close to the roots and saturated through the ends. This creates a look that is lighter at the ends blended into roots.

Balayage grows out naturally and there are no strong regrowth lines, therefore it requires very low up keep between salon visits. In contrast, highlights have structured look and strands are weaved evenly and saturated from roots to the ends resulting in striped strands with strong line of demarcation.

Balayage is ideal if you:

  • Have graying hair and require frequent root touch ups
  • Love the multi-tonal look of highlights
  • Keep less consistent salon visits

What is Ombre?
Ombre is also a French word, meaning “shading”. Ombre is a particular type of balayage technique that starts from darker roots and mid-shaft and gradually transitions into much lighter ends. There are no dark pieces left in between the sections, which results in much lighter and bolder look of ombre.

Ombre can also be more damaging to hair, since the lightening is concentrated on the ends, which is the weakest part of any hair. We suggest using Olaplex or Brazilian Blowout B3 in the lighter to minimize the damage.

Ombre is ideal if you:

  • Want a bolder look with more noticeable lightening effect
  • Want low maintenance hair coloring
  • Have resilient, healthy hair that doesn’t break as easily
  • Sombre is another popular new coloring technique just like ombre but the transition between the two colors is much softer.

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